Terms and Conditions

District Locksport, LLC (herein “District Locksport”) teaches ethical lock picking and sells related equipment. We define ethical lock picking as an activity pursued with the intent to 1) explore the inner workings of locks or related systems (herein “locks”), 2) detect and attempt to exploit defects in locks that lead to reduced security, 3) report newly discovered exploits in an ethical manner.

It is the sole responsibility of participants to use knowledge gained or equipment purchased in a legal and ethical manner. District Locksport is not responsible for any damages or legal issues that arise from the actions of participants. Consult the laws in your area to confirm the legality of lock picking (or related) tools.

District Locksport does not teach classes that fulfill any region's locksmith requirements.

District Locksport, at its sole discretion, reserves the right to refuse service, eject participants, cancel events, and stop events in progress should any participant or organizer express or imply the intent to use the education offered for any illegal purpose.

District Locksport strictly requires participants to adhere to its rules of locksport and restraints. The rules of locksport: do not pick a lock you don’t own and do not pick a lock that is in use. The rules of restraints: always get consent from parties being restrained, always have a tested working key or device to cut restraints, and never escape from law enforcement restraints or custody.

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