Locksport Events

Team building, happy hours, conferences — we do it all.
If you're in the DC/MD/VA area, let’s spice up your next event with a mind-opening experience.

What is Locksport?

Locksport is the ethical discovery and execution of exploits within lock systems.
Put simply: we treat locks like puzzles... and find solutions.

Locksport events come in many flavors and can be suited to your venue and audience. A typical event consists of a brief walkthrough of locks and picking principles, hands-on mentoring, and more fun picking-adjacent activities (escape from restraints and picking games). Happy hours, lunch-and-learns, a table at events, brunches, and even formal conference room events are all good venues for locksport. If you’re looking for a quirky, team building, social activity, choose us!

We follow two strict rules: don’t pick a lock that isn’t yours and don’t pick a lock in use. These rules help you avoid legal trouble, reduce the potential of damage to your locks, and prevent you from having to call a locksmith in case of a failure in the lock. We take these rules very seriously.

What is a locksport event?

Locksport events can take many forms. Locksport is appropriate for any gathering where you’d like a social learning experience. We generally follow two formats: a structured sit-down lesson with hands-on mentoring or a less formal convention floor type format.

A typical structured lesson includes a talk about the construction of pin tumbler locks and how they can be defeated, followed by hands-on mentoring from experienced pickers. We use locks and methods that ease newbies into picking, and we have a bag of tricks to keep experienced pickers on their toes. During these events we often discuss and pick/bypass restraints. We can organize games, contests, and giveaways.

Convention floor type events include ad-hoc lessons as people gather at the table. We discuss pin tumbler locks and get people started picking. We discuss handcuffs and restraints. We answer a lot of questions and help dispell lock and security myths and superstitions. If you want an activity that will have people talking about your event, this is something few forget.

What else should I know?

Would my group be into locksport?
We've found that locksport appeals to creative problem solvers. People that are curious about how things work and how to break them are drawn to locksport. District Locksport's instructors have taught government employees, members of the military, designers, hackers, and countless Average Joes. Young and old, we've taught them all (your kid will pick it up faster than you!). Anyone with finger dexterity, fine motor control, and patience can pick locks.

“Now that I know how to pick I’ll never be locked out again!”
We highly suggest against this mentality. If you forget your keys a lot, invest in a key hider (or develop a trusting relationship with a neighbor). We don’t teach locksmithing and careless picking can destroy locks—it’s more expensive to have a locksmith repair or replace a broken lock than to simply make entry.

It is always a good idea to get to know your local locksmith. Locksmiths can help you when you’re locked out, but can also advise on your current security system (locks and beyond), install or repair locks and hardware, and it’s comforting to have a previous relationship before you’re in a jam. Find your local brick-and-mortar locksmith and tell them District Locksport sent you!

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